French speaking helpdesk agent for software support in Brussels ref. ODS2019015

Odyssee Mobile after sales

30 Aug 2019

Odyssee Mobile

after sales

helpdesk agent

Full Time


1 - 5 years

Are you customer oriented, driven and emphatic? Is your professional mantra “The customer is always right and I’m here to help him”? Well, then keep scrolling down.

Great Expectations for a French native speaking software support helpdesk agent

As our helpdesk operations is team-based, working as helpdesk Agent does precisely what it’s title suggests: you work to support the customers reaching the best possible user experience ever, every day. Working in-house, you take care of the first line support. This is a dynamic role, capable of multi-tasking, keeping your calm, using a fluid and customer oriented communication. You will start at the helpdesk and gradually learn the software in order to grow to be a succesfull helpdesk agent (HDA). 

Kick-start your career at Odyssee Field Service! Helpdesk Agents serve as a talent pool of high potentials for many other departments in the company, such as sales, customer success and consulting. This is where it all starts!

Your TASKS:  Achieving helpdesk excellence for our cloud software

  • Providing support for end-users
  • Answering phone calls, emails and tickets logged into the helpdesk system
  • Trouble shooting incoming tickets
  • Escalate to second or third line when required
  • Help achieving our goal to deliver service excellence to our customers, day in, day out
  • Learning our software in depth in order to grow and to become a customer success manager

WHY we want YOU:

  • B2B is your thing and you know how to assist customers that bought our software
  • You like to provide an excellence support to customers by being comprehensive and empathic.
  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills in at least one of the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German
  • You have a Bachelor degree or higher
  • You’re a team player but can also achieve tasks on your own
  • You take ownership and deliver results.
  • You are passionate about life and the Odyssee Field Service product
  • You care deeply, genuinely and passionately concerned about the Odyssee customers and are flexible enough to not let stress get the best of you;
  • Experience with enterprise software or SaaS is a plus
  • Helpdesk Agent training or customer success training  is a plus
  • Knowledge of Field service processes is a plus
  • Knowledge more than 1 language is a plus but being a FRENCH NATIVE speaker is mandatory
  • Actually the more languages the merrier 
  • You have downloaded a Free Trial of Odyssee Service mobile app and browsed our website before applying, so you know what kind of company we are and what we do

WHAT is Odyssee Field Service

Founded in 2008 by a dynamic Odyssee team with big dreams, Odyssee Field Service quickly joined the major leagues of field service management solutions.

How? By building 360° field service management solutions that offers companies one place where they can create, plan, execute and monitor service orders in real-time, helping them resolve any field service inefficiencies and increase service excellence. 

It’s all about drastically reducing the amount of time and communication service companies spend on managing field service orders and making it easier and more transparent for everyone.  It works cloud-based, which means the service manager has a real-time overview of every call (my machine is broken), every planned service order (we come that day to repair it) and every technician (where is he and will he arrive on time at the customer). The technician uses a mobile app to keep track of every service order he needs to execute and deliver service excellence. The next step is to provide our customers with as much support as they need to get the most out of the Odyssee Field Service solution and deliver service excellence to their end-customers day in, day out.

As of today, Odyssee Field Service has grown from that Odyssee startup into a diverse team of  big dreamers. But we want more. We want YOU!

WHAT can we offer you:

  • In depth training on the job
  • A dynamic and awesome work environment with a startup mentality.
  • A unique culture where we are all part of one mission and each person’s input matters.
  • The responsibility and willingness to give our all and then some.
  • A competitive salary with all the perks a great employee needs and deserves included: luncheon cheques, work phone, comprehensive health insurance, covered travel expenses, etc.
  • And last but not least, an office in the center of Brussels, the hot-spot where all the start-up cool cats come out and play - after working their butts off, of course, just 200 meters from the South station.

And finally, the Odyssee Field Service mission: Helping service companies in every country of the world to deliver outstanding field service to their customers.

If we sound like the salt to your pepper - APPLY already so we can get this show started  :